Classing it up: Boutique Bowling at Ten Pin Alley

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Classing it up: Boutique Bowling

Posted on: March 9, 2011

If you’ve checked out our website before, you might have noticed that Ten Pin Alley is considered a ’boutique’ bowling alley. But what exactly is a boutique bowling alley?

To start,a boutique bowling alley is smaller. Ten Pin has 16 lanes, compared to Sawmill Lanes’ (insert #), to The Palace, which has (insert #). The idea behind having fewer lanes is that it makes it easier for the staff to focus on customer service. A boutique alley focuses on more than just the bowling. They are usually not associated with national organizations like AMF, which allows the alley to branch out and create a totally unique experience.

The food at boutique bowling alleys is worlds apart from the traditional bowling alley fare. Gone is the snack counter with plain old nachos and fries. At Ten Pin we have an in-house chef that has come up with an upscale menu that includes the 7-10 burger complete with fried egg and (something), and our immensely popular, hand cut kettle chips. You won’t even have to break your bowling reverie, as a server will come to collect your order at the lanes.

You might also notice a difference in decor at a boutique bowling alley. You know those uncomfortable plastic chairs by the lanes at some places? Or the tables that are miles away from the lanes? At Ten Pin, we’ve ditched those options for couches right by the lanes. There have also been massive renovations to the bar to make it a lounge area. Not to mention the old-school vibe of the wall murals and counter tops.

At Ten Pin bowling is what brings you in, but we hope that the atmosphere and customer service will provide you with an experience you’ll want to have again.