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Thanksgiving Weekend Specials!

Posted on: November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving weekend is approaching and we have a ton of things going on at Ten Pin Alley!

With family and friends in town for the holidays everyone is looking for something fun to do and we’ve got you covered all weekend. So much so in fact that we need more space to write about it so we figured here would be best.


Wednesday? Yes, Wednesday, night specifically. It’s traditionally a huge bar night as friends and relatives are in town and together for the weekend so there are mini reunions held all over the place! Instead of going to a boring bar and sitting there, do some bowling (and drinking).

  • Reserve one lane (up to 8 people) for only $25 from 10pm until 12am. All shoes are included. PLUS…
  • $1 OFF all “Crafts and Drafts”, plus our standard bucket specials ($10 for 5 domestic bottles). You can check out our extensive beer list here.


We will be closed on Thanksgiving.

FRIDAY, 11/28

If you’re not into shopping or want to do something fun after shopping, stop in and take advantage of these deals!

  • FREE shoes all day
  • Earn some extra “Bowling Bucks”- For every $50 you spend you get a bonus card for $10 to be used by the end of the year
  • Buy any large pizza and get a second large cheese 50% OFF
  • $2 basket of French fries all day
  • Drink specials
  • Reserve a lane for late night bowling! Only $25 per lane from 10:30pm until 1am That’s two and a half hours of bowling (including shoes) for only $25!

 SATURDAY, 11/29

Everything listed above for Friday is also available Saturday, plus don’t forget about our OSU football package:

  • OSU v Michigan! One lane for the whole game for only $25. Take advantage of all the food and drink specials throughout the game. Reserve your lane today before they’re gone!

That’s it! Lots to do and some great offers for your friends and family to spend some time together this holiday weekend. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 876-2475 or email at!

Fall Menu Update!

Posted on: October 2, 2014

We are very excited to announce some recent changes and additions to our menu! This isn’t a complete menu overhaul, but some items have been tweaked, added and/or removed and we felt that mentioning them all at once would be helpful. Plus pictures, because everyone loves pictures, right?

The menu has been streamlined. We’ve kept the best and made some of those even better.


Price Reduced!
We’ve reduced the price on our French Fries and Alley Fries.

We’ve added a new option for our fries; “Old School” loaded fries. These are simply our delicious hand cut and seasoned fries with melted Cheddar and crumbled bacon (not the cheap bacon bits, but chopped bacon). Old school tasty, and only $5.

Plus, we’ve added a special ‘Wings and Rings’ combo. 6 wings and a handful of rings.

Take a look…

oldschoolloadedfries  wings-and-rings

If you liked our wings before you’re going to love them now. And if you hadn’t tried them before now’s your chance as these are the best we’ve done and would put them against any wings in the area. Why? We now cook our wings from fresh – NOT FROZEN (you’d be surprised how many wings out there start frozen). You can now also get them breaded or naked and we’ve added some new house-made sauces. Plus, they’re BIG, not small.

Obit File:
We’ve lost a few appetizers with this change. It doesn’t mean they won’t come back as a special down the road, but for now they are no longer available. These include the Chips & Salsa, Tater Tots and Fried Pickles.


Obit File:
The following sandwiches are no longer available; Cuban. Muffaletta, Fried Bologna, and Turkey Sandwich.

Wraps! As a healthier and lighter option we’ve added a few wraps. To start you have your choice of wrap (either plain or honey wheat), then choose the type of wrap you’d like. You may also choose from fries, coleslaw or tortilla chips as your side.

Take a look…



Obit File:
The Gas Man burger is gone, however we have 3 gourmet burgers still available or you may always build you own. Plus, if you love burgers, chances are we’ll be featuring a special one fairly often so be ask your server.


Our pizzas are probably our best sellers; easy to share and great for groups. We’ve tweaked the recipe a bit to make them even better. Our sauce is now house-made atop of garlic butter crust. More flavor and better tasting.


Obit File:
We didn’t offer too many desserts to begin with, but we’re down to only the donut holes. The s’mores and Jeni’s Ice Cream are no longer available.

House made cheesecake. Made in-house and not frozen. Big pieces and great for sharing. This special dessert can be found in a new ‘Special’ section and at the moment the flavors available are Apple Crisp and Pumpkin.

Take a look…


So again, in short we’ve streamlined our menu a bit to give you the best of what we have to offer. We hope you enjoy the new items and we always appreciate feedback.

Click here to check out the new menu!

2014 Summer Bowling Pass

Posted on: May 1, 2014

Ten Pin Alley’s popular summer bowling pass is back and now available! A limited number of passes will be sold so be sure to get yours today

2014 Pass – $75

As in previous years the standard benefits are as follows:

  • Up to 1 Hour on 1 Lane
  • Up to 6 Pairs of Shoes
  • Valid once a day during regular business hours (latenight Friday and Saturday not included)
  • Not valid on reservations

But for 2014 the pass has been EXTENDED UNTIL NOVEMBER 30TH! That’s 182 days of bowling for only $75. But wait…there’s more!

The 2014 pass is also a rewards program. This year you’ll receive points on certain visits and each purchase. You may use those points for special deals including free pizzas, extra bowling time and more. Details on the rewards program will be available June 1.

You may purchase your pass online below, stop in and call 614-876-2475. *When calling please hit the extension for the front desk. If purchasing online, please wait 48 hours before stopping in to pick up your pass.

Purchase the Summer Pass

March Burger Madness

Posted on: February 28, 2014

Hey food lovers! We will be launching a new menu in April! New appetizers, seasonal specials, sandwiches, burgers and more…but more on that later.  The big news today is that we’re giving you the opportunity to help vote which gourmet burgers make the cut with our March Burger Madness!

We’ve created 8 new burgers to vote throughout the month of March. All burgers are hand-pattied and cooked to order, come with fries, a pickle and only $8.50 each all month.

How it works:

Each week the burgers that receive the least amount of votes are removed and the bracket narrows until “the best tasting burger at Ten Pin Alley” is crowned the winner and noted as such in the new menu. Voting slips are at the front desk and simply vote for the ones you like.

The Burgers:

#1: Big Kahuna Burger: Smothered with teriyaki sauce and topped with pineapple and greens.

#2: The Stranger: Sweet chili BBQ sauce, Cheddar cheese, bacon and homemade onion rings.

#3: Deli Burger: Topped with home-prepped pastrami, Swiss cheese and whole grain mustard dressing.

#4: The Gas Man Burger: Pepper jack cheese, fresh jalapenos, sriracha mayo and spicy micro-greens.

#5: Morning Apple-Wood Burger: Topped with a fried egg, American cheese, smoked apple bacon, lettuce and tomato.

#6: Wild Bill Burger: Smothered with buffalo sauce and blue cheese.

#7: Bloody Mary Burger: Pepper jack cheese, Bloody Mary ketchup and spicy micro-greens.

#8: Spicy Mustard Burger: Spicy mustard sauce, pickled red onion, tomato and spicy micro-greens.

Check out the bracket here.

BONUS: TRY EVERY BURGER AND RECEIVE A VOUCHER FOR 2 FREE HOURS OF BOWLING!! Pick up a card with each burger listed and we’ll check off each one as you try them. If you can try every burger by the end of March you’ll receive a voucher for free 2 free hours of bowling. So don’t worry, even if a burger is eliminated from the bracket, you can still try it!

Y’all need to try Pimento Cheese

Posted on: November 13, 2013

Plenty of things are considered uniquely “southern”. A Southern belle for example; or a more southern way of life. Southern accents, and of course, southern comfort food.

One of these uniquely southern dishes is a main feature this month here at Ten Pin Alley – Pimento Cheese. Affectionately referred to as the “caviar of the south”, pimento cheese is actually a fairly simple dish. A blend of mayo, sharp cheddar cheese and pimento peppers is all you really need, however like chocolate chip cookies whose basic ingredients remain the same – it’s what you do to the recipe that makes it unique.

Many of us northerners aren’t familiar with the dish, however lovers of pimento cheese will be sure to tell you it won’t take much to convert you to a fan if you’re willing to take a chance. So, just what is a pimento and what do you do with it?

A pimento is a pepper, one of the least spicy peppers available. They’re red, sweet and simply mixed with a variety of items (always including the sharp cheddar and mayo) to create the dip. The mix can be used as a spread on crackers, scooped out with tortilla chips or as a sandwich spread. In fact, the pimento cheese sandwich is a signature, if not the unofficial sandwich of the Master’s Golf Tournament in Augusta, GA. However this year there was a little drama regarding the famous sandwich. Apparently the company that has been supplying the sandwich for the past 10 years is no longer responsible and this year’s new supplier’s recipe isn’t as good. More details on that earth shattering problem here.

Our pimento cheese mix is made with sharp Cheddar, mayo, cream cheese, Pimentos and a few other odds and ends so that it’s unique to us. It’s available as a dip and served with pita bread or served on toasted white bread with a side of potato chips. Both are only $4.50, so if you haven’t tried pimento cheese yet, now is your chance to expand your pallet and awaken a little of that southern we have in each of us. We’ll see y’all soon!

Outdoor Summer Movie Series

Posted on: June 26, 2013

Just announced! An event so big, your family will be canceling their beach trips to attend. Alright, maybe it’s not that epic, but we proudly present our 2013 ‘Outdoor Summer Movie Series’ and it’s coming to a grassy area near you!

The first “outdoor” summer movie series for Hilliard kicks off Saturday, July 20 with a screening of Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles. On August 10, Back to the Future and The Princess Bride on August 24.

Where? Each movie will be projected onto a large 16’ by 9’ screen on the grass beside the volleyball courts (it won’t be hard to miss). The movies will start at dusk, but you can stake out your spot as early as 6:30pm when the activities begin.

What activities? Well, grab some dinner with some grilled burgers ($5) and hot dogs ($4 for 2) with potato chips beginning at 6:30pm, as well as specials on pizza ($10 large cheese) and buckets of Pepsi (5 for $10) throughout the evening. Oh, let’s not forget the adults…you’re welcome to enjoy an ice cold brew on these hot summer night as well! The volleyball courts and cornhole boards will also be available for open play before the movie. It’s a great night out for families and movie fans alike! NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK PERMITTED.

The best part? The movies are free! So pick your favorite flick, or check out all three, and plan on an evening of fun. Make sure to bring your own chairs and blankets as well as flashlights for navigating safely in the dark (it won’t be pitch black – there is some ambient light from the parking lot lights and surrounding businesses, but not enough to ruin your viewing pleasure). Even though these are outside, we ask that you don’t smoke and keep your conversations to a minimum so everyone around you can enjoy the movies.

The only thing we can’t guarantee is the weather. There are no rain dates as of yet. So cross your fingers, mark your calendars and be sure to join us for what is sure to be fun for the entire family.

2013 Summer Bowling Pass

Posted on: April 22, 2013

Hello bowlers, friends and fans! Ten Pin Alley’s popular summer bowling pass is back.

We’ve added a couple more options this year; gold and premium pass levels, providing extended bowling into the fall and access to our new Latenight: Laneside on Friday and Saturday nights. Please read carefully, and if you have any questions please let us know by calling 876-2475 or emailing

Below are details on each of the passes. When you click to purchase you will be taken to an order form where your name, email and zip code are required to continue. After hitting “submit” you are taken to our Google Checkout to purchase with a credit card. Please note that there may be technical issues if purchasing through mobile devises. Cards will be available for pick-up on May 1.

For those who’ve purchased the card in the past, this is what you’re used to. Benefits of the standard pass include:
• Up to 1 Hour on 1 Lane
• Up to 6 Pairs of Shoes
• Valid Once a Day from June 1 to August 31, 2013
• Begin purchase process for this pass HERE (Online ordering has been closed. If you’d like to purchase the pass, please stop in.)

This is one of the new options. Our gold pass offers the same benefits as above but it valid through November 30, 2013.
• Up to 1 Hour on 1 Lane
• Up to 6 Pairs of Shoes
• Valid Once a Day from June 1 to NOVEMBER 30, 2013
• Begin purchase process for this pass HERE (Online ordering has been closed. If you’d like to purchase the pass, please stop in.)

The gold pass is good through the fall. Please note that in the fall we’ll have evening leagues during the week so the best time to be using the gold pass will be on the weekends or during the day. This is a great option for home school families.

This one is more for adults, because in addition to receiving all the benefits included with the other passes, holders of the Premium Pass will also have access to our new late night bowling experience; Latenight: Laneside.
• Up to 1 Hour on 1 Lane
• Up to 6 Pairs of Shoes
• Valid Once a Day from June 1 to NOVEMBER 30, 2013
• Access to Latenight: Laneside:
o Friday and Saturday nights, 11pm-2am
o 3 Hours of Bowling
o Unlimited Shoes
o Latenight Menu and Drink Specials
o 21 & Over ONLY
• Begin purchase process for this pass HERE (Online ordering has been closed. If you’d like to purchase the pass, please stop in.)

Latenight: Laneside is a great for ladies nights, groups of friends, adult birthday parties and any other opportunity for adults who may want to get together and have a great time! Additional details on Latenight: Laneside can be found HERE. Normal price for a lane during this time is $50 (3 hours of bowling and unlimited shoes). That in itself is a heck of a deal! So for only $50 more on your pass you can take advantage of late night bowing every Friday and Saturday until November 30. If you love to bowl, this is for you.

Restrictions: Passes are good for walk-in bowling only. May not be used on reservations or for office parties or other special events which require advanced planning. May not be applied  to birthday party reservations.

There you have it folks. Three options for Ten Pin Alley’s Summer Bowling Pass for 2013. A little something for everyone. Please let us know if you have any questions! We’ll see you on the lanes this summer!

Irish Road Bowling

Posted on: March 7, 2013

Road bowling is only new to some of us. It’s actually been around since the 17th century and is played primarily in the counties Cork and Armagh in Ireland. However according to the Irish Road Bowling Association there are also leagues in Germany, The Netherlands and large followings in Canada, Boston, New York, West Virginia, and New Zealand.

The sport itself is easy to understand. Two people (teams) play, and the object of the game is to get your ball to the end of the course in as few throws as possible. The course, though, is a road, and the ball, or ‘bowl’ as they’re called, is made of 28 ounces of iron or steel and usually the size of a cue ball, although five times as heavy. Each team has one thrower and one ‘shower’ or someone who plants themselves in the most ideal spot in the road for the thrower. They act like a caddy in golf but with a higher chance of injury. They look for the best lines and angles and help avoid pot holes. Then, the throwing of the balls commence.

There is a line marked on the road with chalk from the previous throw called the ‘butt’ (no, really), and a player cannot cross this line while throwing their shot. The object is to throw it far, and keep it as close to the road as possible. It’s a mix of golf and bocce ball, with a pinch of softball depending on your throwing style.

Each course differs in length (usually 1 to 2 miles long) however since they use actual roads they must suspend play momentarily if vehicles need by. Matches don’t happen very often, so when they do there are huge crowds that follow play, and betting runs rampant.

In the US, Boston’s chapter of the sport seems to be the most active; with matches happening most weekends once the weather warms up. The US teams compete against each other to go to the All-Ireland Championships. Boston is usually the favorite, but recently West Virginia has bested them to make the trip overseas.
Now that you have some background on the game, here are some other terms for your enjoyment:

  • Break butt – when a thrower goes over the line when throwing.
  • Bullet – the bowl that is thrown
  • Kitter-paw – a left handed thrower
  • Sop – a tuft of grass that’s placed on the road where the bowl should hit first
  • Stylish bowler – someone with a particularly smooth, well-coordinated delivery
  • Bowl of odds – when a bowler has one fewer shot than their opponent. This is a good thing.

If you would like to see road bowling in action, check out this short video Kenny Mayne from ESPN did in 2011. It helps to visualize the unique sport, and Kenny has some entertaining commentary throughout as well.

By Rachel Heit

The image at the top is of the painting “Road Bowling Ireland”, by Martin Driscoll, who paints images of everyday life in Ireland.

Food Photography

Posted on: February 12, 2013

Here’s a scenario I’m sure most of us have gone through. You’re flipping through a cookbook looking for culinary inspiration, and happen upon a picture that makes your mouth water with all of its perfections. You get to work mashing, baking, spicing, and garnishing, and the end result doesn’t look anything like the picture. Chances are, unless you’re really bad at cooking, you’ve fallen victim to the expertise of a Food Stylist.

Food Stylists get paid to make food look as delicious as possible for pictures or film. Most have a background in food preparation as well as photography or design. They have to know how particular food items behave, but also have an eye for composition, lighting, and color. Their job includes making fresh food like produce and dairy look as fresh as it can, but it also means they can directly manipulate items like meat and baked goods so they get the exact visual they need.

Here at Ten Pin Alley, the process of taking pictures of our various menu items is pretty straight forward. Our chef makes it up the dish, we find good lighting, take the picture with an unassuming Sony Cybershot digital camera, edit a bit in Photoshop, and send it off to the printer. Then the staff has at the food like they haven’t eaten in days. The only manipulating we do is to rearrange some fries, or make sure the sauce isn’t dripping everywhere. But when you’re in charge of making sure food for a cookbook like Betty Crocker looks as perfect as possible, you go to greater lengths.

Their tools of the trade to achieve this perfection are what might surprise you. Say you’re taking pictures of a whole ham that’s sliced. You need it to look perfectly browned, moist, and hot. A Food Stylist will take a blowtorch to brown the surface of otherwise uncooked meat to just the hue they need. They can then coat it with a sauce if they like, and to make sure it looks piping hot, will soak cotton balls in water and microwave them. When placed behind the ham, it will give off convincing wisps of steam. Fish looking a bit dry? Stylists will use glycerin- a clear, thick liquid- and paint it on to give it a moist look. Ice cream has only minutes to look good for the camera, so mashed potatoes can be used in its place.

The end result is near perfection, and for most this comes off as pretty misleading. However, there are rules about manipulating the food, or using food in place of something else. If you’re selling say, a pie, you must work with the exact pie a customer would receive. There’s nothing that says you can’t brown the edges to just the right shade, and move the berries from a slice into just the right configuration. And because you’re selling the pie and not the ice cream people might put on it, the mashed potatoes stand in would be ok.

Fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King are notorious for the huge differences between the food that’s advertised and the food you receive in the restaurant. A man by the name of Dario D. has a blog entry from 2010 that showcases this exact difference. He went to various restaurants, bought an item or two, photographed them without retouching anything, and then did a side-by-side comparison. The results are somewhat shocking. Not only are the ads beyond unrealistic, but by his rough calculations, they wouldn’t even fit in the boxes the sandwiches are sold in. What’s craziest is that even though people know the pictures are exaggerated, fast food sales are still going strong. McDonald’s has even gone a step further and released a full video of how they manipulate their food during photography. It’s very interesting, and surprisingly honest, and is from their “Ask Us Anything” campaign.

If you’re an average consumer or home cook, don’t get discouraged. In light of all the high tech trickery Food Stylists use, you may think the perfect meal is out of reach. And maybe it is. But, at least you know the meal you make or end up buying will probably taste ten times better than the picture.

By Rachel Heit


Turkey Tips

Posted on: November 15, 2012

As many of you know, we have our own Chef here, and his name is Andy Shelley. He’s been cooking for a long time, and doing quite well at it. One of our appetizers was recently featured in Food Network Magazine so we think he knows what he’s doing. Well he’s decided to provide a few tips on cooking a Thanksgiving turkey. Enjoy!

Fall is here, which means it’s time to bust out the good China, Polish that silverware, and invite 50 plus people over to make a mess of your house (that’s what I will be doing anyway). The centerpiece of this festive occasion is usually the most taxing and difficult part. Of course I am talking about the turkey. Even though I am only 31 years of age, I am what one would consider a Thanksgiving dinner veteran. After all, I have spent at least 25 of those years apprenticing under some very well known (at least in my family) Grandmas, and Aunts. I have learned the proper way to whip Potatoes, de-can cranberry sauce, and of course make the best giblet gravy known to man, or as I refer to it, “my family’s shout out to Offal”. Yet as always, it always comes down to the turkey. Keeping the white meat moist is the most talked about issue when making Thanksgiving dinner. After years of study both amateur and professional, I have come up with a few tips to make your Turkey flavorful, moist and crowd pleasing. Feel free to use one or all of the ideas listed below. When using all three ideas on the same turkey, just be sure to do them in the order they appear.

1. Brine your Turkey- Brining is an excellent way to season the turkey, help to flavor it, and keep it juicy.

  • You want to use 5% salt brine. That would be 1 gallon of water to 6.7 oz of salt. Keep using that ratio until you reach the amount of brine you need. (The turkey should be completely covered in brine, so the amount you make is dependent on the size of your bird)
  • To make the Brine- Add the salt to the water, and heat the water until the salt is dissolved. Cool completely before use.
  • Feel free to add any aromatics, such as bay leaves, rosemary, mint, thyme, garlic, ECT.
  • Brine the bird for 8-10 hours.
  • Remove the turkey from the brine, pat dry, and roast the turkey using traditional methods.

2. Smoke your Turkey- White meat is typically a blank palate for you to create your portrait of flavor, and smoking lends well to this practice.

  • Make sure your turkey is completely thawed and dried with a towel.
  • Put the turkey in your smoker at 220 degrees F for approximately an hour and a half. I usually smoke with hickory, however, alder or apple woods would work nicely.
  • Remove the turkey from the smoker, and place in your oven, at 350 degrees F, and roast using traditional methods.
  • Some suggest leaving the turkey in your smoker for the entire cooking process; however, I find it can dry out the meat. You are only looking for another level of flavor, and you can achieve that flavor profile in about an hour and 30 minutes

3. Stuff your turkey, but not with Stuffing

  • Stuffing your turkey with stuffing, is now a days, considered a dangerous practice. It can be served before it reaches an internal temperature of 180 degrees, and that can lead to salmonella and other food borne illnesses. The best way is to bake your stuffing separately, and serve it alongside the bird. If you are cautious and wait until the internal temperature of your stuffing inside the bird, is at 180 degrees, you will have most likely over cooked your turkey.
  • The cavity of the bird is a fantastic vessel to transport flavor. This can be done by placing a variety of different herbs, and even garlic into the cavity, prior to roasting. Another great tip is to add a couple whole lemons, limes, oranges, or even a grapefruit, along with the herbs into the cavity. Just be sure to puncture the skin of the fruit with a fork, prior to adding in the cavity. As the bird gets hot in the oven, the juice from the citrus will steam out of the fruit and into the turkey from the inside, allowing the breast meat to remain moist, all while maintaining a crispy skin on the outside.

Lots of things come to mind when thinking about Thanksgiving; the most important being tradition, thankfulness, and family. Food however, is the catalyst that brings all of these things together. Enjoy your time with your family this season and let the food bring everyone together. But don’t let the food become too stressful that you can’t enjoy the other reasons as well.

All of us at Ten Pin Alley are extremely thankful for the support we get from all of our wonderful guests, so from all of us, to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving!

Disclaimer: These are only tips. We will not be responsible if your turkey dinner is ruined and your family hates you as a result of trying all or one of these. If you would like more specific instructions or ask questions, feel free to email Andy at